Puntius filamentosus   (Valenciennes)  1844 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Janiczak, B.J.

Max size: 18.0 cm TL

Body elongate, mouth moderate with one pair of small maxillary barbels, hidden in grooves around corner of the mouth. Dorsal fin inserted equidistant between tip of snout and base of caudal fin. In adult males, 5 unbranched rays elongated into filaments. Scales large. Lateral line complete with 21 scales.

Synonym (s)
Leuciscus filamentosus Cuvier and Valencien 1844
Leucius filamentosus Valenciennes 1844
Barbus filamentosus Day 1878
Barbus filamentosus (Valenciennes) 1844
(Senior synonym)
Barbus mahecola (non Valenciennes) 1844
(Misapplied name)
Barbus singhala (non Duncker) 1912
(Misapplied name)
Leuciscus filamentosus Valenciennes 1844
(Senior synonym)
Leuciscus mahecola (non Valenciennes) 1844
(Misapplied name)
Puntius lepidus (non Day) 1868
(Misapplied name)
Puntius mahecola (non Valenciennes) 1844
(Misapplied name)
Puntius melanampyx singhala (non Duncker) 1912
(Misapplied name)
Puntius singhala (non Duncker) 1912
(Misapplied name)
Systomus assimilis (non Jerdon) 1849
(Misapplied name)
Systomus filamentosus (Valenciennes) 1844
(Senior synonym)
Systomus maderaspatensis Jerdon 1849
(Junior synonym)
Barbus filamentosa (Valenciennes, 1844)
Systomus madraspatensis Jerdon, 1849

Common Name (s)
• Filamented Carp (English)
• Gomakadaya (Sinhala)
• Dankola Petiya (Sinhala)
• Indian Tiger Barb (English)
• Kijan (Kannada)
• Poovaliparal (Malayalam)
• Sevvali (Tamil)
• Machakendai (Tamil)
• Filamented Barb (English)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
(Fisheries, aquarium)

Habitat:  Bentho Pelagic, Estuarine
Prey:  Plants and zooplankton.


• Goa INDIA (Record: 1993)
• Karnataka INDIA (Record: 1993)
• Kerala INDIA (Record: 1993)
• Tamil Nadu INDIA (Record: 1993)
• SRI LANKA (Record: 1993)
• MYANMAR (Record: 1993)
• Maharashtra INDIA (Record: 1993)
• Kerala, Periyar INDIA (Record: 2001-2003)

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