Centroceras clavulatum   (C. Agardh) Montagne,  1846 (Algae)
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Class: Florideophyceae

Color: Dark red

Thalli tufted, 2-5 cm in height; matted or bushy, filamentous, stiff, entangled, dichotomously branched, proliferated, ultimate branches forcipated, nodes spiny, each with 12-14 verticillate spines; apices forked, slightly incurved, pincher-like. Branches 50-80 µm diameter, the internodes shorter above and longer below, the internodes completely corticated by regular longitudinal rows of rectangular cells. Rhizoids filamentous, terminating in lobed disc. Branches heavily pigmented, darker pigmentation at joints; central filament corticated, surface cells rectangular, longitudinally aligned.

Tetrasporangia verticillate in the terminal segment of axillary torulose proliferations, mostly exposed, tetrahedrally divided, 50-60 mm diameter. Spermatangia in terminal clusters. Cystocarps lateral, bilobed, partly surrounded by short involucre.

Epiphytic on coarser algae.

Synonym (s)
Centroceras clavulatum var. cryptacanthum (Kutzing) Grunow, 1867
Centroceras macracanthum Kutzing, 1863
Ceramium clavulatum C. Agardh, 1822
Ceramium diaphanum var. borbonicum C. Agardh, 1824
Ceramium clavulatum var. borbonicum (C. Agardh) C. Agardh, 1828
Centroceras cryptacanthum Kutzing, 1842
Ceramium cryptacanthum (Kutzing) Sonder, 1848
Centroceras hyalacanthum Kutzing, 1842
Ceramium hyalacanthum (Kutzing) Sonder, 1848
Centroceras clavulatum var. macracanthum (Kutzing) Grunow, 1874
Centroceras oxyacanthum Kutzing, 1842
Centroceras clavulatum var. brachyacanthum (Kutzing) P. Crouan & H. Crouan in Maze & Schramm, 1878
Spyridia clavulata (C.Agardh) J.Agardh, 1842
Callithamnion ramellosum Sonder, 1845
Centroceras clavulatum var. brachyacanthum (Kützing) P.L.Crouan & H.M.Crouan, 1878
Centroceras clavulatum var. oxyacanthum (Kützing) Grunow, 1867

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
(Human & animal food; medicine (cathartic agent))

Habitat:  Rocky, Sandy, Coastal