Tachysurus sona [Status Unaccepted]   (Hamilton,  1822) (Fish)
Organism information awaits expert curation
Class: Actinopterygii

Color: Bluish above, sides leaden gray, dull white on belly; all fins blackish terminally.

Head one half broader than high, almost as long as wide, length and depth of head 4 and 6 respectively in total length. Upper jaw longer, chisel-shaped. Median longitudinal groove on head wide, not extending to occipital process which is keeled and as wide or a little wider than long. Upper surface of head with radiating granulations. Three pairs of barbels, maxillaries extending to hind border of head. Mandibulars short. Palatine teeth villiform in two roughly triangular patches, connected anteriorly to two small vomerine patches, dorsal spine strong, granulated anteriorly and serrated posteriorly, as long as head excluding snout. Pectoral spine stronger, slightly shorter than that of dorsal; ventrals not reaching anal.

Synonym (s)
Pimelodus sona Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822
Arius sona Day, 1817
Tachysurus sona Fowler, 1927
Hexanematichthys sona Munro, 1955

Common Name (s)
• Husky Cat Fish (English)
• Shingala (Marathi)
• Shede (Kannada)
• Valia Etta (Malayalam)
• Conan Etta (Malayalam)
• Etta (Malayalam)
• Keluthu (Tamil)
• Thedu (Tamil)
• Jellatu (Telugu)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Gujarat INDIA
• Maharashtra INDIA
• Orissa INDIA
• West Bengal INDIA
• West Coast INDIA
• South West Coast INDIA
• East Coast INDIA

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