Trachinotus blochi [Status Unaccepted]   (Lacepede,  1801) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: The Nature Conservation and Aquatic Sciences Service

Size: 72 cm.

Color: Uniform silvery, bluish above, fins yellowish-hyaline with the dorsal, anal and caudal lobes more or less blackish.

Strongly compressed, ovate, elevated, dorsal profile generally convex but somewhat angular at the origin of the first and second dorsal, ventral contour similar but less so , height 1.75-2 in length, head small 3.5-4 in length, higher than long, its rostro-dorsal profile declivous in a straight line, but the snout swollen, its anterior profile slightly inclined backwards in immature state, getting vertical with age. Eye 3 to more than 4, its diameter little less than snout and much less than convex, elevated interorbital space, the nuchal keel behind which is rather moderate, adipose eyelid little developed. Cleft of mouth commences opposite below lower level of eye. Jaw nearly equal, the upper reaching to below front border of eye. Teeth minute, disappearing with age. Scales small, increasing somewhat in size posteriorly, a few scales behind eye, head otherwise naked, lateral line line gently curved, often slightly undulating. Dorsal spines rather strong, in youth connected by membrane which disappears later. Anterior rays of dorsal and anal produced, their length increasing with age, the dorsal finally reaching till caudal, the anal less far. Caudal forked with equal lobes. Pectorals less than head, ventrals longer than half length of pectorals.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Trachynotus ovatus Klunzinger, 1871
Scomber falcatus Forskal, 1775
Trachinotus falcatus Lacepede, 1802
Trachinotus mookalee Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1831
Trachinotus falcatus Ruppell, 1828
Trachinotus mookalee Bleeker, 1845
Trachinotus auratus Richardson, 1846
Trachinotus mookalee Cantor, 1850
Trachinotus mookalee Bleeker, 1852
Trachinotus ovatus Gunther, 1860
Trachinotus blochii Bleeker, 1861
Trachynotus ovatus Bleeker, 1863
Trachynotus ovatus Kner, 1867
Trachynotus ovatus Gunther, 1876
Trachynotus ovatus Day, 1888
Trachynotus ovatus de Castelnau, 1879
Trachynotus ovatus Macleay, 1881
Trachynotus ovatus Macleay, 1882
Trachynotus ovatus Klunzinger, 1884
Trachynotus ovatus Sauvage, 1891
Trachinotus ovatus Jordan and Seale, 1906
Trachynotus ovatus Gilchrist and Thompson, 1908
Trachinotus ovatus Ogilby, 1916
Trachinotus ovatus McCulloch, 1919
Trachynotus ovatus Barnard, 1927
Trachinotus ovatus Whitley, 1927
Caesiomorus blochii Lacepede, 1802
Trachinotus blochi Weber and de Beaufort, 1931
Trachinotus blochii Smith, 1949
Trachynotus ovatus Day, 1878

Common Name (s)
• Fathivali
• Peeyada
Economic Importance and Threats



• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andamans INDIA
• Lakshadweep, Bitra INDIA
• Lakshadweep, Kalpeni INDIA
• Lakshadweep, Kavaratti INDIA
• Lakshadweep, Minicoy INDIA
• Red Sea
• Lakshadweep INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Mandapam INDIA
• Lakshadweep, Minicoy Island (Lat: 8.11) (Long: 73.3) INDIA
• Kerala, Vizhinjam INDIA
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA

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