Fulica atra   Linnaeus,  1758 (Bird)
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Class: Aves

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Color: A slaty black, dumpy, practically tailless waterbird, very duck-like when swimming in the distance. The ivory white pointed (not flat) bill and frontal shield (no forehead) are diagnostic. The peculiar lobed or scalloped toes are also characteristic.

Voice: Call- A clear and loud trumpet-like cry, often heard at night.

Habits: As a resident found sparingly on rush-bordered irrigation tanks etc. In winter numbers vastly augmented by immigrants from central and western Asian and then abundant on most large jheels, especially in northern India. Skitters along the water to take off, half running half flying, rises with much labour and pattering, but flies strongly when properly launched. The rapid almost hovering wing beats, the blunt barrel-shaped body and the legs trailing behind rail-like, distinguish it from a duck in flight.

Sexes alike.

Nesting: Season- principally July/August. Nest- a large compact mass of rushes among matted reeds slightly above water level. Eggs- 6 to 10 buffy stone-color, stippled and spotted with reddish brown or purplish black.

Synonym (s)

Common Name (s)
• Common Coot (English)
• Coot (English)
• Aari (Hindi)
• Thekari (Hindi)
• Khuskul (Hindi)
• Kesrar (Hindi)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Estuarine, Coastal
IUCN Status:  Least Concern


• Goa INDIA (Record: 27/11/1972, 12/12/1972)
• Goa, Anjuna INDIA
• Goa, Baga INDIA
• Goa, Arpora INDIA
• Goa, Carambolim INDIA
• Gujarat, Gulf of Kachchh INDIA
• Kerala, Kol wetlands (Lat: 10.66) (Long: 76.18) INDIA
• Kerala, Kol wetlands (Lat: 10.33) (Long: 75.96) INDIA
• Kerala, Vembanad Lake (Lat: 9.66) (Long: 76.55) INDIA
• Kerala, Vembanad Lake (Lat: 9.28) (Long: 76.31) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Pulicat Lake INDIA

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